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Friday, August 25, 2006

Introduction and Purpose for this Blog

This Blog is set up for posting pictures that I take within a very narrow space of what I see in my environment. We often go on trips and take pictures of spectacular scenery and of course we love seeing these places. However, most of our lives are spent within a small area. I am fortunate to live near a creek with several marinas nearby. There are boats of all sorts going by daily in the summer.
One year, I did do a drawing every day of the same basic scene, but it is contantly changing because of the weather and lighting effects. I have taken many photos and made lots of drawings of the scene. I'll use this Blog as a place to share this material.
Inside the house, I usually have a cat near me on the table and they provide good material for drawing and photos as well. Some work will be altered in Photoshop or with various filters.
The main idea here is to find ways to take the imagery in your surroundings as a source for creative work.

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