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Monday, May 07, 2007

spring Blossoms

Surprise Party for Harry

Harry's children put together a wonderful day for their father and kept it all a big surprise.
We met at the firehall and they came early to decorate and prepare food. Guests came early and were ready for him. His children came to the house and said they decided to take him out to eat.
We all got into the van and drove the few blocks to the fire hall. John,his son, said he had a phone call and pulled over in front of the big doors. Suddenly the doors opened and there stood all his friends and family. Many came from Texas and Illinois and Wyoming to be here. All of his Grandchildren and children were here and he met his Great Grandson for the first time.
There were long time friends and new friends there. It was so wonderful to see them all in one place to celebrate his life. The kids each wrote up their memories of life with Harry! What fun.
A day we will never forget.

Party day!

Kathi is Grandma and she is having fun with Dawsyn and the balloons.

Newest Member of the Family

Dawsyn Pratt is the Great-Grandson of Harry Kleindinst. This was his first meeting with his Great Grandpa.

Family Reunion

The Kleindinst family gather to celebrate Harry's 80th birthday on May 6,2007